“A terrific anthology.” —Gardner Dozois


“An amazing table of contents. Everybody’s there!” —Robert Silverberg


“You’ve done a spectacular job. … I think this is going reign supreme as the teaching anthology for a long time.” —Samuel R. Delany


“It is an amazing work and certainly a bible for those, like us, who enjoy writing and reading s-f.” —Anne McCaffrey


“What is wonderful about this book is that it contains scores and scores of the very best science-fiction stories ever written, as well as other scores of worthwhile poems and essays. … The usual thing one would do to give you an idea of its thoroughgoing coverage of what is essentially the pick of the best sf stories ever is to give examples. That doesn’t work here. I tried to check it out by thinking of a story I had admired and then looking to see if it was in the book, More often than not the stories were, and when I read through the list of stories to see how many there were that I would have preferred to omit, there were few. —Frederik Pohl


“Man, it looks huge!  Good going!  TOC looks great.” —Jack Dann


Sense of Wonder: A Century of Science Fiction, a wonderfully collaborative project, tries to pack it all in and comes very close to succeeding. It has a full range of science fiction from early 19th century to present-day. It offers informative mini-essays on a range of topics, from Gernsback to gender images, from hard science to Black women, from germs to LGBT issues. And it has over thirty women writers, representing every period. The organization into historical periods of science fiction works extremely well, and the appendices on how to write science fiction make this an anthology for every type of course.” —Jane Donawerth, Professor of English and Women’s Studies, University of Maryland, author of Frankenstein’s Daughters: Women Writing Science Fiction


“…a brilliant and pedagogically necessary anthology.” —Faye Ringel, Prof. Emeritus, US Coast Guard Academy


“…so big that if you dropped it, it would kill your dog.” —Kit Reed


“What a wonderful, wonderful book.  Makes one love and appreciate SF all over again.” —Alan Dean Foster

Sense of Wonder, Edited By Leigh Grossman

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Sense of Wonder

A Century of Science Fiction